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About Owner(Keerthana holds an M.B.A Degree )

from St Joseph's college of Business Administration Bangalore. Although a student of Business Administration, Keerthana realised her potential as a designer and her zest for working with fabrics was refined even during her college days. She loves playing with the colours, textures and anything that glitters. Keerthana whirled into the Coimbatore Fashion scene in October 2015, when she started her designer wear label called "Keya".

Any outfit is not complete on its own.Keerthana gives her clients tips and advices on hairstyle, makeup and accessories which will compliment and enhance their outfit. This helps the client embrace feminity and carry themselves with grace and sophistication.

Within a short span of time Keerthana has beem effective in coming out with clothes which not only have a national but also an international appeal. The clientele list of Keya includes people from within India and far-off countries like Norway, Canada, U.S.A, Dubai, U.K, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Australia.

About Keya

Keya has styles ranging from Anarkali suits, Long cocktail dresses to elaborate bespoke bridal lahengas, sarees and blouses. Fine detailing with the use of embroidery for textural enhancement, the flawless designs of Keerthna, have made Keya's line of attires a symbol of perfection.

Keerthana has ensured that every collection has a different style statement with a strong emphasis on techniques, detailing, style and quality, the designs focus on shape and beautiful silhouettes. Comfort plays an importent role in Keya's clothes. The body friendly fabrics are handpicked from around the world. Keya's team of expert tailors ans skilful embroiders are at your service to meet the challenge to create the designs of your dreams with a help of Keya's Magical Size chart which is easily understandable to all.

Keerthana's latest venture has been the "3 generation clothing" which has acquired great accolades. Here, she incorporates the colourful culture of India, in the saree for the grandmother, with the expertly draped flowing evening gowns/Anarkali suits for the modern Indian youyh. The 3 generation picture is completed with the adorable little princesses dressed in Keya's collection of party frocks/Long dresses.